How I Built My Pregnancy Wardrobe & My Favorite Maternity Brands


Wearing a mix of maternity & pre-pregnancy gear. Jacket: The Great (shop similar style here) // Top: Isabel Marant // Pants: Ripe Maternity // Shoes: Veja


Prior to getting pregnant, I would have defined my personal style as ‘tomboy-vintage-hooligan’, opting for relaxed fits with worn-in details. So when I found out my waistline was going to expand from this little one, I assumed I could just wear my existing wardrobe through the whole thing- finally my sloppiness would pay off! Well, I was a little bit right and a lotta bit wrong.

For the first 3 or so months before I really ‘popped’, I wore all of my usual suspects: M.i.h. jeans, The Great tees and sweatshirts, this easy Swing Dress, etc., opting for the rubber-band pant trick when necessary. But alas, my burgeoning waistline and expanding butt/hips/boobs (oh yeah, that all changes big time) eventually made wearing my normal pants too challenging, and thus, the hunt for maternity clothes began.

Ultimately what I found is that you don’t need to invest in an entirely new wardrobe, but it’s definitely worth picking out a few pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident in your skin. Seeing your body change is a real mind f***k, and paired with hormonal shifts, can often get you down (No? Just me?), so if there’s anything you can do to make yourself feel good about your body when it’s essentially being abducted by an alien, I say go for it.

I’ve been sharing some of my maternity looks over on my Instagram, but thought it might be helpful to share a few of the brands I turned to and pieces I felt were worth investing in. Side note: pretty much everything that I’ve bought is something I would wear post-pregnancy as well, so I don’t feel bad about spending the money. I highly recommend this strategy.

While this is all dependent on how your body changes (and everyone goes through it so differently), I found that I could continue to wear the majority of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, sneakers, and underwear that I already owned (again, I always wear oversized styles). That being said, certain styles that I used to think were flattering no longer did the trick for me. I’ve never been someone to wear tight clothes, but sometimes (particularly in the awkward in between stage of having a little bump and being obviously pregnant) tighter silhouettes looked better.

The big categories I had to upgrade were pants, dresses, anything more form fitting, and bras. I also added a few things to my repertoire like jumpsuits and long sweaters.

Here are some of my favorites!



whitneyforlonny (16 of 43).jpg

Sweater: ASOS Fluffy Maternity Sweater // Jeans: AG Isabel Maternity Jeans

I had never been an ASOS shopper before, but when I wanted to dip my toes into the maternity shopping pool, ASOS felt safe. They offer cute and trendy styles at extremely reasonable prices, as well as free returns on online orders. I’ve gone back to them multiple times for sweaters, jumpsuits, tees, and more. My personal favorites include this Fluffy Maternity Sweater, this Boyfriend Fit Tee and the Chunky Sweater (this covers your butt so you can wear it with leggings), the coziest Lounge Jumpsuit, and my absolute favorite Jersey Jumpsuit.



I had read about Storq’s founder, Courtney Klein, a few years back on Mothermag and immediately was drawn to the concept; easy, well-priced basics that work for pregnancy and beyond. Their aptly named Easy Pant in navy and jumpsuits (they might’ve stopped selling these as I unfortunately don’t see them on their site anymore) were a huge win for me and have been on constant rotation.

Blanqi leggings


When I started dealing with sciatica towards the end of my second trimester, a few people recommended I check out Blanqi leggings, which offer a nice support system for the belly and lower back. My sciatica has thankfully come and gone, but I have found these to be incredibly comfortable, particularly while flying or running around the house. I picked up the SportSupport style, as well as the Everyday Maternity Leggings.

Ripe Maternity


I connected with Ripe Maternity on Instagram and they were nice enough to send me a couple pieces, including these utility pants (photo at the top of this post) and this cute sweater that I plan to wear around the holidays. While some of it is a bit girly for me, I’m all about the cute, comfy maternity pants and easy tops.

Gap Maternity

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.03.22 AM.png

Leggings are a personal thing but I am officially a convert to the over-the-belly style, and heard Gap had great options. I just can’t stand having to tug up on leggings as I walk around or work out. The Gap Gfast Full Panel leggings are not only super well-priced (and currently on sale), but they also come in some cute colors as well as neutrals.

AG Jeans


Jeans: AG Isabel Maternity Jeans // Shoes: LOQ Lucia Slides

I’ve raved about these maternity jeans 30 times already, but these were the holy grail for me. I tried on so many pairs of jeans and kept having goldilocks moments: too low, too tight, too jegging-ish… I can’t express enough how much I loved these ones. Added bonus, they’re currently on sale for 30% off here! (I’ve also heard that Madewell makes good maternity jeans but I haven’t tried them)

Hatch Collection


Dress: Hatch Collection Isadora Dress

In my opinion, Hatch Collection has the cutest maternity clothes out there and is the closest to a non-maternity brand that I’ve found. While it’s definitely on the pricier side, the idea is that you can wear the clothes just as well post-pregnancy. I love their styling, and they also have a great blog featuring inspiring women. Plus, if you live in New York or LA, they have stores where you can try on the collection in person and also take advantage of super cool talks and meet ups.  When I visited New York in September, I picked up their Olympia Sweater, The Beckett Stretch-Crepe Pant in black, and a few other goodies.  

Any other brands that offer maternity gear that you’ve loved or would suggest? Comment and shop all my picks below!


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    • So glad to hear this was helpful for you!! For the Blanqi leggings, I went with my normal size since they are supposed to be snug. I would start with what you would normally order! xWMG

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