Hospital Bag Packing List for Labor & Delivery!

I’m a planner by nature and feel more comfortable when I’ve done a lot of research, so I’ve been spending a silly amount of time watching Youtubers share their hospital bag packing lists and reading as many blogs and articles as I can to try and put together the perfect ‘go-bag’ for myself.

Below is a round-up of tips that my Insta-friends shared with me (thanks guys!), as well as what I’ve gleaned from excessive internet research. I’ve linked items for you to shop them in the case that you are also getting towards the pregnancy finish line and hoping to streamline this process (side note: I’ll do a separate post later about what I’m bringing for the baby).

As a note, for the most part, I’m either bringing things I already own (skincare, makeup) that might be slightly pricier because I use them constantly, or cheaper items that I won’t worry about getting damaged. Also, there are things like monster size pads that I’ve been told to hoard from the hospital, so find out what they will be providing!

I hope my crazy research addiction benefit you! Oh, and leave a comment if there’s anything you think I missed that you wouldn’t go without!



Cozy Loungewear: 2 pairs of comfortable pajamas that have buttons up top for breastfeeding. I picked up one long nightgown (1) and one pajama set (2) from Target that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty or deciding not to wear again. Side note: both of these are incredibly soft and cozy, and I’ve been wearing them as my maternity PJs as well.

Nursing Bras: I clearly have been spending too much time at Target! I tried on a few different styles of nursing bras at Target and found this sports-bra style (3) to be the most comfortable (also the price is great). I picked it up in Heather Gray and Palm Beach Pink. I love that it has good stretch since time will tell what will actually fit me in two months…

Underwear & Socks:  I’ve heard that the hospital often provides some serious granny panties with built in liners, but I want to bring a few of my own just in case. I bought this pack of Splendid Briefs (4) because apparently the more coverage the better! For socks, I was told to get something with a grip on the bottom so you don’t slip when you’re heading to the bathroom or walking around. Most hospital socks having sayings on the bottom like “Get Ready To Push” or “It’s A Girl!” and I just can’t handle that so I went for these basic ones (5) (side note: these are actually great for any workout class you don’t need to wear shoes for but don’t want go barefoot for).

Makeup/Grooming: I am not one of those women that is stressed about getting a blowout before I go into labor, so this will be kept pretty minimal. I just want to look like a human for visitors and for my own piece of mind. I’m bringing the things I use every day, but some are just a travel sized version to make life easier. Here’s the list:


(6) Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer 

(fyi ULTA is having a sale through 11/24/18! Take $3.50 off your purchase of $15 using code 651168)

(7) Glossier Boy Brow in Brown

(8) RMS Contour Bronzer

(9) Cle De Peau Concealer 

(10) RMS Beauty Defining Mascara 

(11) RMS Beauty Skin2Skin Brush (my favorite for their bronzer and blush)

(12) RMS Lip2Cheek Blush 


(13) Schmidt’s Deodorant Travel Size

(14) Wet Brush Travel Size

(15) St. Ives Apricot Scrub Travel Size

(16) Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

(17) Lansinoh Nipple Cream

(18) Klorane Dry Shampoo

(19) Lansinoh Nursing Pads

Random Items: There are a few odds and ends that people have said make the hospital stay feel more comfortable, like bringing an aromatherapy diffuser, flameless candles, and a small speaker to play your own playlist from. Oh, I also got quite a few recommendations for the Momwasher by Fridababy (20), although I’ve heard the hospital provides something similar. All of these are definitely under consideration!

Going Home Outfit: It sounds like comfort is key for the going-home outfit (let’s be real, it’s always key) so I’m going to bring my comfiest ASOS overalls, a u-neck t-shirt from The Great (I’ve been wearing all my pre-pregnancy The Great tees through pregnancy and they are the BEST), and my Adidas Gazelle sneakers (I wear these literally every day).


Lavendar oil for sitz baths

Relaxing and strong lady playlists

Your own hospital gown


Extra long phone charger

Baby Outfits


Toiletries (hairbrush, toothbrush + toothpaste, skincare, deodarant)

Good nursing bras

Breast pads + Nipple Cream

Comfy robe

Squirt bottle (Mama Frida)

Healthy snacks

Comfy bra for labor

Sleep mask

Shower shoes

Slippers you’re ok to throw away

Socks with grips

Three onesies, knit beanie, swaddles

Aromatherapy or roller scent

Nursing tanks

Instant oatmeal packets

Big water bottles

Nightgown with easy breastfeeding access

Cozy blanket

Good pillow

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