October Cookie Recipe Roundup

As a natural reaction to thinking about dessert 24/7, I’ve started to bake way more than I used to, and likely way more than any one person should. But hey, I’m loving every second of it!

I post a bunch of recipes on Instagram Stories using the swipe up feature (are you following @wmgoods on insta? You’ll get a full glimpse into my weird brain, if that’s appealing to you), but those disappear after 24 hours so I wanted to share a roundup of my favorite recipes I tried out this month, with links to all. Read on and tag me #wmgoods or @wmgoods if you share your baking victories!

Half Baked Harvest’s Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies


I could’ve done with a little less butter (I know, who am I?!) but otherwise these are delicious. It makes a ton of cookies, which is good if you’re pregnant and require at least two desserts to accompany every meal.

Half Baked Harvest Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Swirled Cookie Bars


All I have to say is YES. Don’t overbake them- the gooier the better!

Pretty Perfect Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


Are you noticing a pattern? I might be addicted to cookies… These are the perfect fall flavor with some pumpkin spice and a nice chocolate chip ratio to balance it all out.

Sweet Laurel Cookbook Healthy Cookies


If butter and flour aren’t your thing (no judgement here), take a look at this recipe. Don’t get thrown off by the texture when you’re whipping them up- they taste insanely good.


That’s the cookie roundup for this month. Stay tuned for what I can only imagine will be an ever increasing dessert list next month.


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