What Does It All Mean? And Other Lighthearted Questions


I’ve been working a lot, or at least a lot for me. My husband and I agreed that this was our year to hustle and with the start of my consulting business in addition to running the shop, things have been a little crazy. I can’t complain at all because I’m doing what I love and I’m fortunate to be able to go after my professional goals, but it’s still challenging.

Owning a store is strange. Even when foot traffic is slow and there aren’t customers coming in all the time (hello, January), there are still a million things to do, and even more things to brainstorm and plan. We are working on some really exciting things for 2018 that I can’t wait to share, and that’s amazing and excited. That being said, it’s become increasingly challenging for me to tell my brain to slow its roll at the end of the day and just relax. I find myself attempting to fall asleep with ideas still popping into my head, stresses from the day, things I should’ve done but didn’t have time to, and the list goes on. It’s better to be inspired than uninspired, I suppose, but it’s brought up the question of how much is too much when it comes to work? Why does being ambitious mean that we have to sacrifice our health and wellness? Is there such thing as ‘balance’?

Those are my big questions right now, and I have a feeling I’m not alone. Can I work harder than I’ve ever worked but also manage to stay balanced and take care of myself? For years I’ve struggled with sleep issues and migraines, but now I’ve added neck/shoulder/back pain to the list and have virtually entirely cut-out working out. Yesterday I woke up knowing that I have to switch things up or I’m going to have a physical manifestation of my stress (can a 29 year old get an ulcer?). I’m going to try some stuff, and will share what I try in the case you’re dealing with any of the twenty-something life moments I am (although I have a feeling this might continue into 30+, 40+ etc.).

Part of the reason I wanted to start documenting this journey is to have some accountability to someone beyond myself. Willpower is not my strong suit (if you saw the package of Oreo’s in my pantry you’d understand everything about me) so I figure maybe putting it out into the universe might help. I’m not a food/wellness/lifestyle/whatever blogger. I’m a small business owner trying to figure this damn thing out. I’m also lucky to be able to travel, meet some pretty rad people, and work with/know some talented makers, which all feels like part of that journey worth sharing. Also, is journey the most cheesy word ow? Anyways, here we go….

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