Hello, is it me you’re looking for?


Hi Friends!

As some of you know, I own WM GOODS (a little shop in my hometown of Portland) and WM Consulting (self explanatory, I think). As this WM journey has gone on, I’ve been so lucky to connect with amazing makers & designers, creatives, and just generally cool peeps. I love sharing my experiences (many trials & many errors), stories of the interesting people I meet, makers I admire, etc. but I’ve realized that it’s challenging to share the things I love that don’t happen to be carried in the store for one reason or another (we can have that conversation later). So I want to share my experiences as a newly married, twenty-something business owner in Portland, OR, because hey, someone’s gotta fill that gaping whole in the internet, right?! So here it is: the realness of owning a business, the realness of my weird 12-year-old-boy-meets-fashion-girl style, the realness of the things I love, people that inspire me, etc.. Hope you dig it. If not, there are a lot of fish in the sea so keep on fishing.  xWMG

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